Borders Tour for Diplomats

  • 29/10/2019
  • Jerusalem

Borders Tour for Diplomats

What will Israel’s future Eastern border look like? The Geneva Accord sets the parameters!

In late October, twenty-five diplomats and journalists from a host of countries joined us for a tour to explore unanswered questions about the obstacles to peace and possible solutions. Our conflict expert Col. Ret. Dr. Shaul Arieli provided meticulous insight into critical matters: the dangers of annexation, the future of Jerusalem, real vs perceived security threats, the viability of a Palestinian state and the advantages of the Geneva Initiative proposed border.

It is only by seeing things up close that we can truly understand the situation on the ground.

The interest and support of the international community is not only a significant pillar of our work but integral to the realization of an eventual peace agreement. We will continue to raise the flag of the two-state solution alongside side our partners both inside and outside of Israel.

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