Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Geneva Initiative provides realistic and achievable solutions on all issues, based on previous official negotiations, international resolutions, the Quartet Roadmap, Clinton Parameters, Bush Vision, and Arab Peace Initiative.

In addition to presenting a detailed blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian peace, the GI aims to bring that moment of peace closer, by showing the way and preparing public opinion and leadership to accept, support, and promote the real compromises required to solve the conflict.

The Palestinian and Israeli Geneva Initiative NGOs (the Palestinian Peace Coalition and H.L. Education for Peace) educate and campaign, both locally and internationally, that it is in the best interest of both peoples to negotiate directly in order to reach a realistic, dignified, and sustainable two-state solution in which both peoples can build a brighter future, as is embodied in the model Geneva Accord model.

The GI and our activities are designed to reinstill in the Israeli and Palestinian peoples the hope that it is possible to reach an agreement that will serve their respective national and personal interests and aspirations. We are committed to exposing each side’s public to the message of the other – despite the physical and psychological barriers.

After a century of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, the Geneva Initiative offers a real and mutually agreed upon possibility for ending the conflict between the two sides and obtaining a mutually acceptable peace that guarantees the vital national interests of both peoples.

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