Israeli Figures

Yossi Beilin

Founder of the Geneva Initiative, former Member of Knesset, former Minister of Justice, former Chairman of Meretz

Arie Arnon

Professor of Economics at Ben Gurion University, Senior Fellow at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Colette Avital

Former Member of Knesset, served as Ambassador to Portugal and as Consul General in New York City

Gadi Baltiansky

Geneva Initiative-Israel Director General, former Spokesman for PM Ehud Barak

Uzi Baram

Former Minister of Tourism, former Secretary General of the Labor Party

Shaul Arieli

Former IDF Brigade Commander in the Gaza Strip and former head of the peace administration

Haim Ben-Shahar

Professor of Economics, former President of Tel Aviv University

Yochi Brandes

Author, lecturer and journalist

Shlomo Brom

Brig. Gen. (Res.), senior researcher at the INSS, former Deputy Commander of the IDF Strategic Planning Division

Avraham Burg

Former member of Knesset, Speaker of the 15th Knesset, former Chairman of the Jewish Agency

Naomi Chazan

Professor of Political Science, former MK, co-founder of the Israel Women's Network

Adi Eldar

Former Mayor of Karmiel, Chairman of the Israel Local Authorities Union

Yitzhak Frankenthal

Founder of the Arik Institute for Reconciliation Tolerance & Peace, founder of the "Parents Circle"

David Glass*

Legal and Political Advisor to the Shas party, former MK.

Tzvia Greenfield

Author, columnist and educator

David Grossman


Giora Inbar

Brig. Gen. (Res.), Former IDF commander of the South Lebanon liaison division

Doron Kadmiel

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Former chief commander of artillery

Boaz Karni

ECF Treasurer and co-founder, Chairman of the Board for H.L. Education for Peace

Judith Katzir

Author, editor and teacher

David Kimche*

Former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ex-Mossad executive

Menachem Klein

Lecturer at Bar Ilan University, former advisor on Jerusalem Affairs

Shlomo Lahat*

Gen. (Res.), Former Mayor of Tel Aviv

Dov Lautman*

Businessman, former head of the Israel Manufacturers Association

Daniel Levy

Former member of the negotiating team and advisor on Jerusalem affairs

Amnon Lipkin*

Former IDF Chief of Staff, former Transportation Minister

Talia Livni

Former President of Na'amat women's movement

Eti Livni

Former Deputy Speaker of Knesset, former Chairperson of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women

Amram Mitzna

Gen. (Res.), Former Labour party chairman, Mayor of Haifa and Mayor of Yeruham

Chaim Oron

Former Minister and Chairman of Meretz

Israela Oron

Brig. Gen. (Res.), Former Deputy National Security Advisor

Amos Oz*

Author, Professor of Literature

Ilan Paz

Brig. Gen. (Res.), Former head of the IDF Civil Administration, former brigade commander in the West Bank

Ophir Pines-Paz

Former Minister of Interior and Member of Knesset

Avi Primor

Former Ambassador to Germany, Director of the Center for European Studies at IDC Herzliya

Ron Pundak*

Director General of the Peres Center for Peace

Dalia Rabin

Head of the Rabin Center, Former Deputy Defense Minister and Member of Knesset

Mossi Raz

Member of Knesset, former Director General of Peace Now

Alik Ron

Former Commander of the Northern Police District

Nechama Ronen

Former Member of Knesset, Likud Central Committee, and Director General of the Environmental Protection Ministry

Talia Sasson

Former New Israel Fund President and senior attorney at the Ministry of Justice

Alla Shainskaya

Lecturer at the Weizmann Institute's Department of Biological Services, board member of B'Tselem

Avi Shaked

Leading businessman, Member of the Board of Trustees at Tel Aviv University

Avraham Shalom*

Former Director of the Shin Bet General Security Service

Alice Shalvi

Prominent feminist, founder of the Israel Women's Network

Gideon Sheffer

Gen. (Res.). Former head of the IDF Manpower Division and former director of the National Security Council

Aliza Shenhar

President of the Emek Yezreek College, former Ambassador to Russia and Rector of the University of Haifa

Nimrod Goren

Head of Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies

Dror Sternschuss*

Chairman of Agenda - Israeli Center for Strategic Communications

Itzik Sudri

Former Shas spokesman

Yuli Tamir

Former Minister of Education and absorption, Prof. of philosophy


Celine Touboul

Co-Director General and senior researcher of Israel's Economic Cooperation Forum

Yonatan Touval

Tel Aviv University, former assistant to the President of The Jerusalem Foundation

Ze'ev Tzahor

Sapir College President

Tzvia Walden

Linguist and Prof. at Ben Gurion University

Avshalom Vilan

Former Member of Knesset, co-founder of Peace Now

Einat Wilf

Writer and former Member of Knesset

A.B. Yehoshua


Yossi Yonah

Member of Knesset, Associate Lecturer at Ben Gurion University, Senior Fellow at Jerusalem's Van Leer Institute

Palestinian Figures

Yasser Abed Rabbo

Founder of the Geneva Initiative and former Secretary General of the PLO Executive Committee

Samir Abdallah

Former Minister of Planning and Labor

Fiha' Abdel-Hadi

Women's rights activist, intellectual

Wafa’ Abdel-Rahman

Project Manager at MIFTAH

Hisham Abdel-Raziq

Former Minister for Prisoners Affairs and PLC member

Salah-Edein Abdel-Shafi

Director of the Gaza Community Health Program

Reem Aboushi

Director of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association (ASALA)

Ziad Abu-Ein*

Deputy Minister of Prisoners Affairs

Tawfiq Abu-Ghazaleh


Ashraf al Ajrami

Former Minister of Prisoners Affairs

Abdel-Qader Al-Husseini

Director of the Faisal Husseini Foundation

Nazmi Al-Jubeh

Professor at Bir Zeit University, former member of the negotiating team on Jerusalem

Ghaith Al-Omari

Legal advisor to the official negotiation teams in Camp David and Taba

Tayseer Arouri

Lecturer at Bir Ziet University, PLO Central Council Member

Haidar Awadallah

Palestinian People Party Political Bureau Member, Editor in Chief of Attareek

Maha Awwad Abu-Shusheh


Liana Bader

Director of the Ministry of Culture, writer, filmmaker

Terry Bullatah

School principal, women's rights activist, former detainee

Samih El-Abed

Former Minister of Planning

Na’eem El-Ashhab

Writer and Political Analyst

Qadura Fares

Former Minister and PLC Member, Chairman of the Prisoner Club

Nidal Foqaha

Geneva Initiative-Palestine (Palestinian Peace Coalition) Executive Director

Sammer Hleileh

Chair of PALTRADE's Board

Mohammed Huranni

PLC Member Fatah, Hebron district

Basel Jaber

Chair of the PA Reform Committee, Former Advisor to Nabil Sha'ath

Suheil Jad'oun

CEO The Commercial Bank of Palestine

Marwan Jilani

Former PLO delegate to the UN Head of the Palestinian Students Association

Radi Jira'l

Deputy Minister of Prisoners Affairs, former member of negotiating team

Samih Khalil

CEO Al-Mashreq Insurance Co.

Sam'an Khoury

Director of the Peace and Democracy Forum

Nabil Qassis

President of Bir Zeit University, Former Minister of Planning, Founder and Former Director of MAS Research Institute

Saji Salameh

General Director Ministry of Labor

Iyad Sarraj

Chair of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program

Ra'eda Taha

Chair of Khalil Sikakini Cultural Center's Board

Saleem Tamari

Researcher and Lecturer at Bir Zeit University

Muneef Traish

Deputy Mayor of Al-Bireh

Jamal Zaqout

Advisor to PM Salam Fayyad, Former Director of the PA Office of Cabinet Coordination, Co-Director of FIDA, Gaza

Hikmat Zeid

Former Minister of Transportation, PLC member Fatah

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