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Examining more than 50 different parameters, the Two-State Index (TSI) organizes and systematizes the latest developments and determines whether they create progress toward or regress away from two states. Ultimately, the TSI produces a coherent assessment of the viability of the two-state solution.

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TSI Special Editions:

2021 Year in Review by Neri Zilber (January 2022)

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll Results (December 2020)

The New Biden Administration and the Peace Process by Daniel Kurtzer (November 2020)

The Israel-UAE Agreement & Prospects for the Two-State Solution by Hussein Ibish (August 2020)

Palestinian Response to COVID-19 & Implications for Statehood by Dr Amal Daragmeh Masri (May 2020)

The Israeli Elections and the Peace Camp by Yariv Oppenheimer (February 2020)

How to Evaluate the American Plan (January 2020)

Poll Results: Israeli and Palestinian Opinion Polls (December 2019)

Beyond the Palestinian Financial Crisis by Raja Al-Khaldi (October 2019)

Post-Election Special by Dr Yossi Beilin (September 2019)

The Arab World and the Peace Process by Dr. Michal Yaari (February 2019)

Differentiation Update by Hugh Lovatt (December 2018)

Palestinian Refugees (October 2018)


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This project is conducted in partnership with the European Union.

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