Confronting Annexation: Virtual Tour for Diplomats

  • 17/12/2020
  • Tel Aviv, Ramallah

Confronting Annexation: Virtual Tour for Diplomats

On December 17th, we (virtually) took a group of 35 diplomats to a series of vantage points in Jerusalem and along a future border line. Guided by Col. (Ret) Dr Shaul Arieli, the tour offered a 360° view of the challenges on the ground: the significance of settlement plans for Givat Hamatos, E-1 and the area known as E-2, as well as the impact on the contiguity of a future Palestinian state. The tour used interactive maps and immersive visuals to highlight various political, historical, territorial and demographic issues.

Dr. Arieli agreed that time is not on our side but emphasized that the two-state solution remains the most feasible option for ending the conflict, and that models, like the Geneva Initiative, are still workable with minor modifications.

We ere joined by representatives from dozens of embassies, including US, EU, UK, Germany, Russia, China, Jordan, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, and the many others who joined us.


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