Cultural Influencers: Palestinian-Israeli Meeting

  • 03/02/2020
  • Ramallah

Cultural Influencers: Palestinian-Israeli Meeting

More than 25 Israeli writers, film directors, screenwriters, and columnists joined us for an important day of meetings in Ramallah. Jibril Rajoub, a senior Palestinian leader, told the group:

“We’re still committed to the two-state solution, to the Israeli state’s right to live in peace and security, but within the internationally recognized borders, which is the 67 borders. And you have a partner on the Palestinian side.”

The group also heard from past and present Palestinian ministers and officials, civil society activists, young leaders, media personnel, writers and more.

A week after the unveiling of the Trump Plan, which has no Palestinian input and may lead to dangerous unilateral measures, we continue to work towards trust and understanding between the sides. Peace is made between two partners, and we are more committed than ever to building the basis of that partnership.

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