Joint Reconciliation Seminar: Young Leaders

  • 18/11/2021
  • Kibbutz Tzuba

Joint Reconciliation Seminar: Young Leaders

On 18th-19th November, we held a joint two-day seminar for a cohort of young Israeli and Palestinians participating in our Reconciliation Program. The sessions included:

  • An interfaith panel representing Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders on the topic of religion and reconciliation
  • Current Palestinian political dynamics and how to move forward towards a peace process, presented by former advisor to Palestinian PM, Jamal Zakout
  • Lessons learned and history of negotiations from Dr. Yossi Beilin
  • A Question & Answer session with Palestinian media expert, Mohammed Daragmeh
  • Palestinian and Israeli civil society activism, led by Nivine Sandouka (East Jerusalemite activist) and Yariv Oppenheimer (Head of GI’s Two-State Coalition)

Alongside this, sessions included workshops that promoted dialogue and engagement between the two sides with a specific focus on sharing insights from their daily life, their hopes for the future and ideas for building joint projects or initiatives that can lead to a concrete change. Ideas included joint articles, film initiatives, campaigns and lectures with young Israelis across the country to share their insights from the program.

The participants include journalists, civil society activists, writers, student leaders and educators, and come from diverse backgrounds and locations across Israel and the West Bank.

Read our joint Reconciliation How-To Guide here.

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