Seminar for Israeli-Arab Influencers

  • 03/09/2021
  • Nazareth

Seminar for Israeli-Arab Influencers

On Friday 3rd September, we launched our new program for Israeli-Arab influencers with the goal of leveraging their unique role to advance the two-state solution. The first seminar took place in Nazareth, where we were joined by a group of more than 23 leaders from different spheres of influence in Arab society including politics, local government, media, education and civil society; and a majority of women.

The group first heard from conflict resolution practitioner, Dr. Yuval Benziman on the key principles of reconciliation and practical tools that can be used to advance it. Former MK, head of the Labor party and former mayor of Haifa, Amram Mitzna spoke to the group about Jewish-Arab relations as a bridge to peace, and expanded on his experience as mayor, in national politics and other projects he was involved in, including his role in the Geneva Initiative. Afterwards, the participants heard former MK Sondos Saleh, who spoke about the political participation of Israeli-Arabs in politics, their influence and the challenges. Next, the participants will take part in a two-day seminar and a trip to Ramallah, for a series of meetings with prominent Palestinian figures.

The project is held in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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