Two-Day Seminar for Young Israeli Leaders

  • 03/03/2022
  • Jerusalem

Two-Day Seminar for Young Israeli Leaders

More than 25 young Israeli leaders participated in a two-day seminar 3th-4th March. Palestinian, Israeli and international public figures and experts focusing on different issues such as the situation in Sheikh Jarrah, barriers to conflict resolution, lessons learned from past negotiations, public opinion in the West Bank, and more, engaged the group. Speakers included conflict resolution practitioner, Prof. Yuval Benziman; former Palestinian Minister, Ashraf al-Ajrami; diplomats for the UK and US Embassies; Advocate Talia Sasson and a Q&A session with film director Dror Moreh on the ‘Human Factor.’

Sharing her thoughts on Facebook afte the seminar, one participant wrote:

“I returned from the seminar believing that: resolving the conflict is possible, that it is necessary, and that it will happen. Problems are there for us to resolve, and even if the road is difficult and long, we have no right to stop trying. We have no right to think that there is no way. We have no right to give up.”

In the next activity participants will meet with their Palestinian counterparts.

This project is conducted in partnership with USAID.


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