Two-State Solution Workshop for Cultural Influencers

  • 16/01/2020
  • Tel Aviv

Two-State Solution Workshop for Cultural Influencers

Jan. 16: Writers, film directors, cartoonists, poets, and more… In mid-January, the GI was joined by more than 20 Israeli creatives from a host of industries, who came to our workshop to hear the facts: the two-state solution is the most preferred option for most Palestinians, just like it is for the majority of Israelis.

Dr Khalil Shikaki, a senior Palestinian researcher and pollster, shed light on some of the most powerful trends taking shape in Palestinian society, providing hard data that dispels the myths and highlights the hope.

During the day, participants also heard from the GI’s Director Gadi Baltiansky who provided insights from the negotiating table and Col. Miri Eisen, who delved into the impact of Israeli and Palestinian narratives.

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