Workshops for Russian-Speaking activists and media influencers

  • 26/04/2021
  • Tel Aviv

Workshops for Russian-Speaking activists and media influencers

On 26th April, we held a meeting for a cohort of 15 Russian-Speaking Israeli influencers. Participants included journalists, publicists, bloggers, political activists and young influencers, from across the political spectrum. Brig. Gen (Ret) Israela Oron presented the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and proposed solutions, with an emphasis on security issues and the role of women in negotiations. Throughout the session there was simultaneous Hebrew to Russian translation.

On 5th May, we held a workshop for Russian-speaking activists and media influencers to explore the political developments in Jerusalem, the rising tensions around Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount and how it can be contextualized within the broader picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The session was led by Russian historian and analyst Shalom Boguslovksy, who engaged the group in a dynamic discussion about the indispensable and vocal role the Russian-speaking community can play in promoting the two-state solution within their communities.

These meetings are part of our broader engagement with the Russian-speaking community in Israel that aims to provide key stakeholders and the broader public with the resources on the two-state solution and opportunities to meet with Palestinians. The workshops were held in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

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