Al-Monitor: GI Steering Committee Member, Former MK Yossi Yona on the ramifications of the Abraham Accords

“We cannot overlook the possible and propitious ramifications that the Abraham Accords might have on the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The enchantment of many Israelis by the spectacles of Abu Dhabi and being delighted to encounter Arabs who are anxious to embark on joint endeavours…may render them more willing to endorse political arrangements meeting Palestinian national aspirations.”
GI steering committee member and former MK, Professor Yossi Yonah writes in Al-Monitor that even those affiliated with the positions of Israeli right welcomed the axing of annexation in exchange for normalized relations with Gulf states. This, he argues, can be used as a basis for consolidating support for achieving a two-state solution. The public is there.
Read the full article here.
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