Interview with the GI’s Israeli Director: On the Future of the Two-State Solution

The GI’s Israeli Director, Gadi Baltiansky shares his analysis on overcoming obstacles towards reaching an agreement such as the settlement enterprise, the indispensable role of the international community, and what the GI is doing every day to ensure that the two-state solution remains the most viable pathway for ending the conflict.
“The bottom line is that there’s one land that will either end up being divided or become a single entity. The only ones who can kill the two-state solution are those who believe in it. As long as we don’t give up, it will remain.”
“We have indeed failed every day, for thousands of days in a row. We will only have one day of success. But without all of those failed days, that day will never come about. We are not willing to give up on the chance for peace, and hope that as long as we don’t, the international community won’t give up on us.”
Read the full interview here.
Published 14th February, 2022 in
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