Jerusalem Post: Amid Arab Normalization, Israel Should Make Peace with Palestinians by GI’s Jess Manville

“So, if Arabs can become legitimate partners almost overnight; if a former adversary can be reconfigured as an ally in the pursuit of strategic interests; and if long-held prejudices can be set aside for the benefit of newfound cooperation, it begs the important question: What about our Arab neighbors next door, the Palestinians?…Ending the occupation and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are firmly in Israel’s national self-interest…The greatest achievement of any Israeli government will be forging a peace agreement with the Palestinians.”

Amid Arab normalization, and shifting domestic dynamics ahead of the upcoming election, resolving the conflict still remains relegated to the fringes of the public debate despite the huge costs that society continues to pay as a whole. Read an article by Jess Manville, the GI’s Director of Foreign Relations, here.

Article published 27th January 2021
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