Jerusalem Post: 49% of Israelis want Biden to Relaunch Israeli-Palestinian Talks (Nov GI Opinion Poll)

49% of Israelis Want Biden to Relaunch Talks with Palestinians

The Jerusalem Post featured an article about our November 2020 Israeli public opinion poll.
The findings are summarised here: Israelis want the US to advance negotiations (49% to 36%), they support a reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas (39% to 30%) and are in favour of a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia that is conditioned upon a settlement freeze (40% to 36%). They overwhelmingly prefer a two-state solution (48% in favor, compared to 11% supporting a one-state solution) with equal rights for all, and when asked what country they would like to see Israel reach a peace agreement with next, there was a slim margin between the preference for Saudi Arabia (29%) and the Palestinians (28%). You can read the full poll results here.
“The Israeli public is much more pragmatic and moderate than its government. Israelis want to see a Biden initiative to renew negotiations, an internal Palestinian reconciliation process, and the two-state solution. It’s time for the government to work toward realizing the will of the people.” – GI’s Director, Gadi Baltiansky
Read the full article here.
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