Minister Michael Biton: “Sovereignty is part of a diplomatic process… just like in the Geneva Initiative”

July 1: Minister Michael Biton, member of the inner security cabinet, today publicly endorsed the Geneva Initiative and referred to it as part of the mainstream between the two extremes of Israeli society.

While interviewed in a popular morning show in the army radio station, he said:

There are two obstacles on the conflict issue. There’s an extreme right that says, declare sovereignty and after us, let all hell break loose, and we don’t care about the security or diplomatic consequences. There are others who say: it will never be right to have sovereignty in any parts of Judea and Samaria. And the moderates, including ourselves, say that sovereignty is part of a diplomatic process, part of the Deal of the Century, even if this deal changes in negotiations. It can happen and we can apply sovereignty to the settlement blocks, just like in the ideas of the Geneva Initiative.”

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