NYT: There Is a Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Tzipi Livni

“Peace based on the vision of two states for two peoples gives an answer to the national aspirations of both the Jewish people and the Palestinians and requires compromises by both.”
“With Mr Biden’s inauguration in January, the vision of a two-state solution supported by the United States has made a comeback.”
“Even if peace is not around the corner, the point of no return is closer than ever before. We must not go there. The most important thing for now is to keep the road open. We must create a policy among the United States, regional countries and, of course, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”
Tzipi Livni says that it must be an essential decision to return to the two-state vision: it is the only way to strengthen moderates and weaken extremists; it is the only real answer for securing the national aspirations of both peoples and, ultimately, it is the most practical, logical and realistic path for a fulfilling a peaceful future for all of us. Read the full article here.
Published 27th May, 2021
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