Times of Israel Blog: The Price Tag of Peace with Morocco by GI’s Tehila Wenger

“Anyone who wishes to see a secure, flourishing, and peaceful Israel will be excited about the prospect of peace with another Arab country. That said, context matters, and it’s important to acknowledge the consequences of the price tag that Morocco has put upon normalization…The recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in the Western Sahara by a major world power is a blow to stateless people everywhere, and should serve as a warning to weaker states in possession of territory eyed by strong neighbors as well.”

Tehila Wenger, the GI’s Operations Coordinator, explores the broader significance of the Israeli-Moroccan normalization agreement. Namely, what the US’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in Western Sahara means for the normative framework of disputed territory, conflict resolution and the core tenets of international law. Read the full article here.

Article published 17th December 2020



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