Yedioth Ahronoth: GI’s Palestinian Director, Nidal Foqaha on vaccinations for Palestinians

On 18th February, we helped to facilitate a visit to Ramallah for senior Israeli columnist, Nadav Eyal (Yedioth Ahronoth) who spoke with Palestinians on the street to try to understand the covid-19 experience through their eyes and hear their thoughts on the election. We arranged for him to visit the Geneva Initiative’s Ramallah-based office to meet with our Palestinian Director, Nidal Foqaha.

Speaking about the tens of thousands of Palestinians who enter Israel to work every day, and the millions more awaiting their shots, Nidal told the Israeli journalists that vaccinating Palestinians is, “in your [Israel’s] best interests as well as ours. This is a basic principle of cooperation, and in the end all of us, Palestinians and Israelis, live here without hermetic separation.” These quotes were published in an article in Yedioth Ahronoth’s Friday edition paper (Israel’s most widely read newspaper).

Read the translated article in English here.

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