Jerusalem Post: Yossi Beilin, co-chair of GI, quoted on the death of Erekeat

As quoted in the Jerusalem Post article, Yossi Beilin said (published 10th November, 2020):

“Saeb believed in the discourse, had never been involved in violence, and even sought to establish his state alongside the State of Israel, in the spirit of the Geneva Initiative. He educated his children in peace and made sure to send them to summer camps with Israeli children.”

 “It was not always easy to hear his views, but he was always attentive to hear other opinions. In recent years, he felt despair from the Israeli leadership, but did not lose hope for change. For him, the change will come too late.”

Read the full article here.

Also mentioned in the article is a video of Saeb delivering an important message to the Israeli public as part of a previous Geneva Initiative campaign. Watch here.

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